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At Treehouse Crèche & Academy we strive to provide parents the opportunity to lay the best foundation for their children by providing them with an education of the highest standards.

We believe that every child is valuable. Every child is gifted with the ability to reach greatness with the proper foundation and guidance.

We understand that each child is different and the uniqueness of each individual is appreciated. Not every child learns with one given method of presentation; therefore, we incorporate a balance of the best methods of instruction catering to your visual, audio and kinetic learner.

Through utilizing the Horizon curriculum, we offer engaging lessons and a variety of activities that makes learning fun. Based upon the perfect source of the Bible, we encourage students to study the world around them from the viewpoint of the Creator.

christian values

The Bible is the core of all our teachings and through practical stories and real life examples the children are taught to live out Christian values such as love for your neighbor, kindness, self-control, trustworthiness, patience and many more. Lessons begin with a Bible concept and grow into an organized selection of learning activities and academic subjects. Children gain the important knowledge that God is the beginning of all things and, they get a perspective of the world that cannot be gained in any other way.

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