TreeHouse Creche & Academy


The mission of THCA is to physically and mentally stimulate and develop children. To teach and equip them:

  • to value themselves as individuals, whilst learning to show respect and consideration towards others.
  • to develop both a sense of happiness and a sense of responsibility.
  • to grow into flexible, self-motivated and adaptable people in a competitive, demanding world.





The vision of THCA is to:

  • Work with you, the parent, in offering your child the best possible start in life.
  • Endeavour with you to ensure your child's potential is reached.
  • Make all children feel happy and confident at school by offering both challenge and support in a stimulating environment.
  • Build on what your child has learned previously and to extend his/her interest by introducing him/her to new activities and concepts.
  • Encourage children to discover and learn for themselves through various methods from "free" play to problem solving games.
  • Provide numerous approaches to learning by offering a variety of different experiences.
  • Recognize children's feelings by encouraging them in positive ways whilst allowing them to explore their own emotions.
  • Offer equal opportunities to all children in our care by recognizing each one's needs and respecting differences in language, culture, and individual development.

Ethos & Values

Notwithstanding the Christian ethos of our school, provision will be made for each child to develop their own spiritual values. All our curriculums are Bible based and we endeavor to create a Christian environment for your child to develop and grow in.

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